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Sunday of Orthodoxy

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Why are we Orthodox?

We are Orthodox because, in our Chuch, people count first and then the institution.  Dreams, fulfillment of those dreams and our personal problems, as we are made in God’s image, come first and then the principles of the Church as an institution come into play.

We are Orthodox because we put family first.  There is nothing more important in life, in the world we live in and for humankind than the uniting of man and woman through the sacrament of marriage and being blessed with children according to God’s will.  By respecting the sanctity of marriage, all of the anomalies now accepted in today’s society are eliminated.

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De ce suntem ortodocsi?

Suntem ortodocsi pentru ca, in Biserica noastra, persoana conteaza si abia apoi institutia. Dorintele, implinirile, problemele persoanei, ca si chip si asemanare a lui Dumnezeu, conteaza mai intai si abia apoi principiile care stau la baza conducerii institutiilor bisericesti.

Suntem ortodocsi pentru ca dam importanta care se cuvine familiei. Socotim ca nu este nimic mai important pentru viata, pentru tara in care traim, pentru intreaga lume, decat barbatul si femeia uniti prin Taina Sfintei Casatorii, binecuvantati cu pruncii pe care ii doreste Bunul Dumnezeu, indepartand toate anomaliile care au aparut in societatea umana, indepartand pacatele contra firii, care incep sa se raspandeacsa pe fata intregului pamant.

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